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Celebrate the fresh flavors of Spring

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Catering Los Angeles: From lunches, brunches and breakfasts…

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…to event planning for weddings, receptions and special occasions.

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Dream weddings, receptions and events served here

Let us help plan your dream event: (310) 253.7705

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Gourmet catering for Fall, Thanksgiving and the Holidays

Our new flavors are blossoming: Our Spring Tasting Menu

Whether you’re planning a corporate brunch, casual lunch, spring wedding or Easter gathering, connect with Gourmet Celebrations. Our Chefs and Planners bring the kind of taste, creativity and experience can help make your spring affair blossom.  (See the full Spring Tasting Menu!…)
LA Special Event Catering and Wedding Planning

The fine art & craft of Spring catering and events

As spring and summer celebration seasons get underway, a quick reminder: We specialize in art of event planning and the craft of fresh, delicious catering. If an LA wedding or special event is on your calendar, let us take the worry out of planning and preparation just as we help you discover the joy of hosting.
Catering Los Angeles and Las Vegas: Weddings, Special Events and Corporate Events

Mother's Day brunch or dinner delivered to your door

Make this a special day Moms won’t soon forget. Connect with Gourmet Celebrations. Our Chefs and Event Planners can turn your ideas into delicious reality. If you’re looking for inspiration our Mother’s Day Tasting Menu, featured below,  is a wonderful place to start.

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We’ll handle the Mother’s Day planning, prep and cooking. The compliments are all yours. 

Make this a special day Moms won’t soon forget.Connect with Gourmet Celebrations. Our Chefs and Event Planners can turn your ideas into delicious reality.  If you’re looking for inspiration our Mother’s Day Tasting Menu is a wonderful place to start: 

MORNING MENU: Yukon Gold Potato-Mushroom-Leek-Fontina Frittata, served with a Heirloom Tomato Relish Italian Turkey Sausage with Chilies and Fennel •  Spring Time Fruit Salad with Fresh Berries

DINNER MENU: Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto and Grilled Ciabatta Bread • Chicken Marsala Florentine with Blistered Tomatoes, Wilted Baby Spinach, Wild Mushrooms, served with Garlic Smashed Potatoes • Raspberry Tiramisu with Whipped Cream

Download the Gourmet Celebrations Passover Catering menu here. 


Fresh, delicious Passover meals delivered to your door: Check out our fresh new Passover Catering Menu. 

Why endure Passover shopping lines and hours of cooking? Discover the joy of Passover hosting instead. We have full dinner packages and á la carte options for gatherings of any size. Need a bit of inspiration? Our Passover Catering Menu is a great place to start. Just connect with one of our Event Planners. We can bring your ideas for the perfect Passover to life; or, we can provide additional creative inspiration of our own. APPETIZER: Red Snapper Gefilte Fish with Spicy Tomato Sauce SOUP: Matzo Ball Soup with Sweet Fennel, Carrots and Kale SALAD: Avocado, Cucumber, Snap Peas, Shaved Asparagus, Fresh Herbs, Radish, Butter Lettuce, Lemon Vinaigrette ENTRÉE: Pan-Roasted Chicken with Ramps, Lemon & Green Olives Crispy Potato-Leek Kugel Honey-Coriander Glazed Baby Carrots Baby Artichokes DESSERT: Strawberry-Rhubarb Custard with Pistachios • Executive Chef: Dwayne Lortie Download the Gourmet Celebrations Passover Catering menu here. 

Gourmet Celebrations Spring Tasting Menu 2016 Catering Los Angeles
Gourmet Celebrations Spring Tasting Menu 2016 Catering Los Angeles
Gourmet Celebrations Spring Tasting Menu 2016 Catering Los Angeles




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Meetings, lunches and brunches go better with our new Corporate Catering Menu.

Work’s about to get a whole lot tastier: Our new Corporate Catering Menu has arrived, filled with delicious snacks, breakfast items, lunches, soups and more. Much more, like a hearty choice of our Signature Dishes, including our mouth-watering Asian Chicken Salad and Banana Chocolate-Chip Bread Pudding.  You can savor our menu online here.

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Catering Los Angeles and Las Vegas: Weddings, corporate events, private affairs, and more.

If you have an upcoming event we’ll be happy to sit down with you for a free consultation and sample tasting. Just call or email today, or use the contact form, below. You’ll learn, see and taste how Gourmet Celebrations sets the standard in Los Angeles catering for freshness, flavor and flawless execution. We cater everything from formal dinners to casual picnics; from private weddings and receptions, to corporate lunches, brunches and events for brands like HBO, Google, Symantec, JP Morgan, and Nike. Gourmet Celebrations is proud to be a member of the Los Angeles, Culver City and Santa Monica Chambers of Commerce

We're a full service caterer & event planner

We serve happiness and joy through fresh, gourmet cuisine and service that sparkles with creativity and elegance.

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