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Los Angeles & Orange County: (310) 253-7705 | Las Vegas: (702) 649-7358

Fine full-service catering in Las Vegas and Los Angeles 

New ideas and fresh tastes transform special events catering.

Have an upcoming need for catering? Looking for menus ideas to make your next event a memorable success? We specialize in every kind of special events catering, from parties large and formal to affairs small and intimate. We’re perfectly happy to partner with event planners, and at the same time we’re skilled at working one-one-one with hosts and those in the corporate world who’ve been charged with pulling off successful events, opens, launches, luncheons and announcements.

Gourmet Celebrations delivers superb fare that’s beautiful to look at, and even better to eat. At the same time, we’re fanatically detailed when it comes to crisp, professional services, décor, furnishing, invitations and more.

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