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The way food has become “internationalized” is a great and exciting thing. New tastes, flavors and culinary ideas crop up every day. But if there’s a downside, it comes when you have to actually pronounce the those culinary terms. Like, say, that recently imported, newly fashionable legume from Tunisia.

So, knowing that even the most sophisticated gourmand or host might stumble here and there (heck, there are terms we stumble over, and we work with food from all over the world every day), we thought it would be helpful to compile this guide to the foods we love, but that can also be hard to pronounce:

1. Aïoli (“ay-OH-lee”; “i-OH-lee”)
2. Ambrosia (“am-BROH-zhah“)
3. Anise (“AN-ihss)
4. Boudin (“boo-DAHN”)
5. Bouillabaisse (“BOOL-yuh-BAYZ”; “BOOL-yuh-BEHZ”)
6. Caramel (“KEHR-ah-mehl”; “KAR-ah-mehl”)
7. Charcuterie (“shahr-KOO-tuhr-ee”; “shar-koo-tuhr-EE”)
8. Croissant (“kwah-SAHN”; “KWAH-sawn”; “kruh-SAHNT”)
9. Foie gras (“FWAH GRAH”]
10. Haricot vert (“ah-ree-koh VEHR”)
11. Hummus (“HOOM-uhs“)
12. Jicama (“HEE-kah-mah”)
13. Lichen (“LAHY-kuhn)
14. Macaron (“mak-uh-RUH”)
15. Mascarpone (“mas-kar-POH-nay; mas-kahr-POH-nay”)
16. Muffuletta (“moof-fuh-LEHT-tuh”)
17. Prosciutto (“proh-SHOO-toh”)
18. Radicchio (“rah-DEE-kee-oh”)
19. Rillettes (“ree-YEHT”; “rih-LEHTS”)
20. Raita (“RI-tah“)
21. Sake (“SAH-kee“; “SAH-kay)
22. Sherbet (“SHER-biht”)
23. Tzatziki (“dzah-DZEE-kee”)
24. Vinaigrette (“vihn-uh-GREHT”)

H/T Epicurious & Alessandra Bulow