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Gourmet Celebrations thumbtack is a referral service for companies that seems to have sprung up over just a couple of year, but is now just about everywhere one looks. We’re proud to announce that Gourmet Celebrations is now available via the thumbtack network. If you’re a thumbtack fan, please, visit the thumbtack site and write up a review of your recent Gourmet Celebrations-catered event. We think it’s a smart way for any local business to find great new customers. And, just like Gourmet Celebrations, they’re open 24/7! Below, our “official” profile on thumbtack. We’re blushing!

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Gourmet Celebrations


Gourmet Celebrations

We’re a full service caterer & event planner with a quarter century of experience, serving happiness and joy through fresh, gourmet cuisine and impeccable service that sparkles with creativity and…

Gourmet Celebrations

by Gourmet Celebrations

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