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  1. Get a head start   Use a service like Minted to help get all of your holiday cards done early, and beautifully. Upload your own photos to personalize!

  2. Trim some time with mobile apps   Uber and Home Depot are delivering holiday trees throughout LA. Just $135 for a 7-8 foot netted pine, plus stand. See how it works here.

  3. Let a non-profit do your wrapping   Do some good and save some stress: find an area non-profit to wrap up your presents. You’ll contribute to a good cause and have one less task on your crowded plate.

  4. Give yourself that rare present: a break   We all know that our holiday weeks are going to be hectic. Finding gifts, planning dinners, gathering family can all add their toll. Plan something special for yourself now: A visit to a spa, a long weekend away, try that new restaurant you’ve heard about. Or just a quiet night in, a little calm before the holiday storm.

  5. Discover the Joy of Hosting   Savor the season by letting Gourmet Celebrations design and cater your event. We’ll see to everything, down to the finest detail — all you have to worry about is savoring your special moments. Order by November 1 and save 10%! Los Angeles: (310) 253.7705 Las Vegas: 702.649.7358